Simple Moments

Simple Moments – do you have them? – do you record them?  Life is crazy and it’s often hard to take the time to capture life’s simple moments.  I like photography, and I like to create things (that doesn’t necessarily translate to being creative!) – so I try to capture life with scrapbooks.  It’s taken me a long time to figure out how to fit in what I enjoy with life happening all around me.  I’m still working on it in fact.  I hope to use this blog to share life’s simple moments and some ways to help others find time to enjoy their simple moments.

Enjoying a day in the snow
Enjoying a day in the snow

This whole idea has been an evolution for me.  Pre-kids, my pictures were either in the albums with sticky pages or in the envelopes they came back in (yes, that was in the days when you had to send them out and wait a few days for them to be developed).   I would sometimes add ticket stubs or other memorabilia, but that was the extent of it.  After I had my boys, I stumbled onto scrapbooking with all the awesome papers, stickers, and other embellishments.  Unfortunately, working full time outside the home and then having 2 busy boys really limited the time I felt I had to scrapbook and capture all those fun childhood moments.  Thankfully I continued to take lots of pictures so when I finally got the opportunity I wouldn’t miss any of those great moments.

What kept me from scrapbooking?  The same thing that keeps us all from fun hobbies – lots of responsibilities – kids, work, church, scouts – basically a full plate.  Even with a full plate – there were still bits of time I could have used – why not?  Lack of organization – I couldn’t find the pictures I wanted to use, couldn’t decide what to do with them when I found them, and I didn’t know what papers and embellishments I had to use.  My oldest son is 12 – his scrapbook was only finished through his first 6 months… I really wanted to make some adjustments to be able to spend more time in my craft room.

I started getting organized (this is always a work in process for me).    I found some awesome products from Close to My Heart (such great products I decided to become a consultant to learn more fun ways to use them).  And  – I came across a quote from Cesare Pavese – “We don’t remember days, we remember moments.”  This became the inspiration for my scrapbooking in 2015 – capturing those moments that I want to remember.  My scrapbook mission has become to get organized and find ways to make things simpler – so when I find or make those pockets of time I can use them effectively to capture the simple moments in my life


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