Quick One Sheet – 2 Pocket Card

A couple of weeks ago I spent a few sick days on the couch, so I passed my time watching You Tube (it was actually more productive than it sounds!).  I came across a tutorial for a cute and easy card posted by PaperCrafting WithAngelina.  It appealed to me because it was simple and versatile.  A single sheet of double sided paper, a few folds, some embellishments – if you’d like – and you have a double-pocket card.  Tuck a note in the back pocket and a gift card in front – or add a stamped sentiment in the front and a hand written note in the larger back pocket.

While I like the video tutorial to see exactly how things are done, I also like to have written instructions because I’m not fast enough to make the card while following along with the video. I have to keep rewinding (of course then I rewind too far and have to wait for the video to get back to where I am).  So, for those of you who like step by step – here you go.

– Start with a sheet of double-sided pattern paper, 8 1/2″ X 11″.  It seems to work best if one side is less busy than the other (even solid colored).  Fold it in half (top to bottom) and then in half again (right to left).  Use a bone folder to make a good crease on both folds.

– Unfold the paper, in a portrait orientation (short end at the top) with the pattern you want to see the most of facing up. Cut along the fold on the left side of the paper to the center .



– Take the bottom right corner and fold it toward the center – the bottom edge will meet the center top to bottom fold, but the right edge will not meet the center right to left fold. Tape down the folded corner.


IMG_0772– Rotate the sheet of paper 180° so the cut is now on the right (the corner you folded up is now in the top left). Again, fold the bottom right corner toward the center, but not all the way to the center. The size of this fold will determine how much of the secondary pattern will show – a smaller fold = more of the secondary pattern showing – a larger fold = less of the secondary pattern. Secure the folded corner.


– Now fold the bottom right piece along the center fold to the left (like you’re turning the page of a book) on top of the solid piece. Secure along the left side. Fold the top right piece also to the left, behind the top left. Fold the top right corner down over the other corner fold and secure.

IMG_0780   IMG_0781    IMG_0783

– Fold the top half along the center fold, rotate and you have your double pocket card.

IMG_0784          Rotated

– Before securing the last section, you can added ribbon, twine or other embellishments you want to secure behind the pocket. Secure the right and left sides. You can add more embellishments if you’d like.

– Cut cardstock (white or off white) up to 3 1/2” X  5″ (depending on which pocket you want to put it in and how much you want to show) to add your sentiment.  Use a 5 1/2″ X 4 1/4″ envelope.

I found if the paper is too heavy, the folds are not clean (almost like they crumble). The Close to My Heart B&T DuosTM papers work great for these cards – not too heavy, nor too flimsy.  And the coordinating embellishments make it easy to add an extra touch to your art.

I’m a Coordinator for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class, and I thought these cards would be great to give to the class members when class ended with an extra note of encouragement as they continued on their journey.  Using paper from my stash I was able to quickly make these cards.  IMG_0753










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