The Value of Coordinating

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m usually short on time to play in my craft room. I am always adding more to my plate – I think it’s for the same reason that I hate fishing or spectator sports – I’m just not a watcher – I like to be DOING things.  So, when I do have time to craft, I’m always looking for ways to make things quicker and easier. Scrapbooking is my top priority because I am trying to get the last 12 years of life into scrapbooks before my 12 & 9 year old run off & get married. I do enjoy making cards and playing with wood crafts. I used to quilt – but gave that up until I retire so I could spend my time on scrapbooks. I struggled with being organized when I had time to scrapbook. Once I tackled that a bit, my next problem was that it took so long for me to complete a page. I had paper, I had stickers, I had pictures, but putting them all together was still a struggle.

One of my problems was that I couldn’t get things to fit together. I had some paper from Creative Memories, some I bought at scrapbook stores (you know those big packs of paper with a bunch of different patterns), some cardstock and some odds & ends. When I would start a page, I would have 10 different shades of blue, but couldn’t get them to meld.

I purchased a ‘set’ of things from – papers, pocket scrapbook cards, journaling cards, stickers, chipboard pieces – they were all the same color palette, so I thought it would make things easier and I would be able to incorporate them into what I already had. Good thought, but they weren’t really my style – so now I have a pile of stuff to go through and try to use because I HATE waste.  These were good products, I just didn’t consider how I would use them before I bought them and they don’t really coordinate with my other products.

After the adventure, I came across Close to My Heart. I ordered a few things, but just bits & pieces – a stamp set, an ink pad, etc. Then I ordered one of their Workshop on The Go kits (more on these awesome little packets later!) – BUT – I was saving it for my Italy pictures (the Italy trip was in 2014 – I’m still back in 2003 for my timeline – so it was going to be on the shelf for a while). It wasn’t until I actually went to a Close to My Heart class and got to play with the products and see how they came together that I actually saw the benefit and value of these products.

As I started purchasing the My Reflections products, it was easy to find matching cardstock and ink, as well as complementing embellishments. This is because the catalog clearly shows which colors complement each of the paper packs. For example – for the cute, upbeat ‘Confetti Wishes’ papers – I can see in the catalog that Canary, Pacifica, Crystal Blue and Thistle are some of the colors in this set. 14-ai-confetti-wishes-level-2-01So, I can purchase those ink colors or cardstock if I want to use those. Also, the catalog also shows stamp sets that coordinate with the theme – since this paper is like a celebration, Happy Birthday and Congratulation stamps are great to pair with these papers.

I found this really helps speed up my scrapbooking – because I’m no longer struggling with what colors to put together (remember I said I’m not creative – I just like to create!). Also, I feel like I’m getting more value from my purchases – rather than purchasing things willy-nilly (I have about 3 different blue ink stamps from JoAnn’s) – I can choose what works together, and then actually USE those things I purchase.

I hope with this you are able to create things more quickly & spend your time and money more wisely so that ultimately you can enjoy the Simple Moments in your life!




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