Waterfall Canyon

One of the simple moments I enjoy the most is hiking.  I love to go out early in the morning when the sun is just coming up, the birds are chirping – all is peaceful… Yeah – maybe – depends on whether my boys want to hike that day or if they’re complaining about it!!  Actually, they’re pretty good troopers and I’ve noticed that as long as the scenery is changing, there’s a IMG_0660creek to wonder through or something to keep their attention, they don’t really complain.  Earlier this year we headed out for Waterfall Canyon, a 2.6 mile out & back trail starting at the 29th Street trailhead.  Since we’ll be exploring this trail with the Cub Scouts soon, I thought I’d share it with you all.  If you’re in the local area this is a fun easy hike even with kids and the waterfall at the top is fun for them to look forward to.

When you leave the parking lot at 29th Street, you head toward the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, and go south to the mouth of the canyon.  You’ll cross through a fenced in area belonging to the TR Guest Ranch – this is private property, but they allow hikers to pass through – be respectful (as we should of all the land regardless of whether it’s public or private).

As you head back into the canyon, the trail is easy to follow – lots of fun for the kiddos to climb over and jump off boulders along the way.  As you follow the stream up to the waterfall, the hike is mostly shaded, through the trees.

The depth of the stream and strength of the waterfall will largely be dependent on the time of IMG_0663year and water levels – spring and early summer will mean more water.  We went in April, so the water was flowing well.  There was snow at the base of the waterfall, and ice on the rocks surrounding it.

The hike back down is pretty easy (since it’s all downhill), and you get a nice view of Ogden, it’s especially pretty on a clear day or at sunset.


Whatever adventures you decide to embark on – Enjoy!


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