One of my favorite simple moments involves camping.  We’ve spent the July 4th weekend in Teton Canyon, Flaming Gorge, and various other places in Utah.  This year we headed to Bridger Lake in the Uintah Mountains.  Normally, for my family, this involves a trailer.  A roomy fifth wheel where my kids sleep in the back, the dogs fit on the bed, the frig keeps everything cold and the shower is quick, but warm.


Well, for this trip our truck is in the shop; and there’s no way a minivan can pull the fifth wheel, so we decided to bring the tent.  It started with trying to remember everything we might need to cook, clean, and store food… No, wait – it started with figuring out what we could cook with minimal pans and utensils.  Fitting everything into the van was pretty entertaining. All the gear was in the back; boys and dogs in the middle, and the Hubs & I up front with various bags and things at my feet.

My husband had made reservations at Bridger Lake Campground at the recommendation of aDSC_0196 coworker (for the fishing).  We got there about mid afternoon and got camp set up.  It was pretty toasty and we weren’t getting much shade.  Unfortunately the pine trees around Bridger Lake have been devastated by pine beetles.   There are more skeletal pines standing than those that actually have needles left.  surprisingly it isn’t ugly.  It actually has a bit of a devastating beauty.  Especially with the green marshland around the lake just below the hill full of mostly dead pines.

DSC_0102The first night in the tent was a little interesting – 2 adults + 2 kids + 2 dogs – we actually fit in the 4 man tent.  We were all toasty warm and we stayed dry.  The only downfall is when 1 person has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, everyone pretty much wakes up – especially the dogs.  But we were all able to sleep pretty comfortably.

The next day, the boys were excited to fish, while I looked for some trails to explore.  We were all pretty much satisfied.  We drove up to China Meadows – absolutely beautiful!  More great places to camp, regular fishing, fly fishing, and more hiking.  I love that this place has things weDSC_0151 all enjoy.  Especially the camp fire after dark, watching the stars, and enjoying the beauty of Utah outdoors!
On the 4th of July – rather than fireworks, we had thunderstorms.  it ended up being pretty fun – the 6 of us in
the tent, playing cards & just hanging out.  After the storms let up a bit we were able to get the fire going again and enjoyed our last night in the mountains.  Can’t wait to go back to the spectacular Uintah Mountains.


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