Unnecessary Stress

When I became a Close to My Heart independent consultant, I wanted it to be something fun & not something that adds stress to my life.  I wanted to offer classes, meet new people to scrapbook with, have a Facebook page & write a blog – all without added negative stress.  Close to My Heart makes it pretty fun and easy to be a consultant.  I love the products!  The minimums needed to remain a consultant are easy to reach even as a hobbiest. And there are lots of great examples and ideas available to teach paper crafting classes.  It has really been fun!

Unfortunately, sometimes I add demands on myself that increase my stress levels.  For some reason, I thought I had to start a blog right away and I needed to post twice a week, every week.  This seemed easy enough.  Write extra posts when I have extra time, add the pictures & tada – I have a blog.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded.  Oh, I had lots of subjects to write about (after all – doesn’t everyone want to read what I have to say?!) My problem was the time – as always, making my schedule behave was a struggle.

It seems these days that being busy and stressed is the new norm.  If you aren’t busy or stressed, then you must be lazy, or you aren’t important enough.  I’ve decided that is not how I want to live my life.  I realize that stress isn’t always bad – without stress we don’t have growth.  What I didn’t want was unnecessary stress – especially those self-imposed stressors that are just there because I want a certain appearance in my life.

So – I decided to give the blog a break for a few weeks and focus on other things – family time, a week-long stash bash, artwork for my classes.  This removed my self-imposed stress and allowed me to enjoy what I was doing.  I thought about dropping the blog, but I actually enjoy writing (my IPB job involves technical writing and is very structured – blog writing lets me write about what I want, with my own style).  So rather than dropping it, I’ve just decided to start at 1 post a week.  I know you are all just pining away because you feel you’re missing out (ha ha)!

I’ve decided that the stress something causes has to be worth the growth or impact it will have on my life.  A coworker of mine just retired – he put it off a few years I believe because there were some things he wanted to have in place before he started enjoying the good life.  Well about 30 days before his retirement date, he was diagnosed with cancer.  My heart breaks for him and his wife – they waited so long for this time of their lives only to be struck this crushing blow.  Their experience reminded me once again that life is too short to run through it harried and frazzled.  Take the time to enjoy what you’re doing.  Don’t add stressors to your life that don’t enhance it.  Enjoy this ride called life!

I’ll post more of what’s going on with CTMH and my family next week.  We’re heading out for our first family backpacking trip this weekend so I should have some beautiful pictures of the Uinta mountains.  I also have some fun projects I’ve been working on and I look forward to sharing them with you.

Until then – enjoy your life and don’t add unnecessary stress on yourself.



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