Goblins Galore!

I guess this would have been more appropriate for last month, but I didn’t get my fingers in DSC_0039gear soon enough.  Last month my family spent a weekend at Goblin Valley State Park.  Goblin Valley is North and West of Moab, UT, near the San Rafael Swell.  This area is full of amazing red rock formations resulting from the uplifting and subsequent erosion of sandstone.

IMG_2004I was at first surprised that they allowed the public to roam among the hoodoos in the valleys.  And – being a IMG_2016State Park, we were able to bring the dogs along!  After playing in the Goblin Valley, we took a short hike out to the Goblin’s Lair.  When we first got there, we didn’t know what it was supposed to be – that is until the boys explored and found the Lair!  It was a cave that we crawled down into.

Goblin Valley was a great place to enjoy the night sky.  It was amazingly clear and with the help of a Sky App, we were able to find Scorpio, Pegasus, and a few other constellations we don’t normally get to see.  The Park does an Astronomy program when there is a new moon – unfortunately, the night it was scheduled, the clouds rolled in so were weren’t able to see much.

Petroglyphs outside Goblin Valley State Park

Here are a few other pictures from our trip and the beautiful landscape.   The rolling sandstone dunes are amazing to me – they look like windswept sand, yet they are solid stone. DSC_0101

A little Dutch Oven dinner

A little Dutch Oven dinner

This was probably our last camping trip until next spring.  It was a great way to finish out our year.



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