(Im)patiently Waiting…

It’s been cold the last few days – just teasing us with winter – but no snow.  I can see it in the mountains, a lovely white dusting.  I haven’t seen much here in the valley – a few light flurries a few days ago.  I was hoping this morning that when I looked out the window we’d at least have somesnow on the ground – but no, not yet.   I don’t watch the weather – I live in Utah, so it’s going to be hot in the summer, cold in the winter – I don’t need to know how hot or cold.  We might get rain in the spring/fall, & snow in the winter – occasionally in June.  When it happens it happens, but I’m ready for the snow to start now!

Yes – I’m one of ‘those people’ that love to see it snow and I especially love to play in the snow.  I’m (im)patiently waiting for that dusting on the mountain to turn to a dumping.  Watching Facebook for pictures of Powder Mountain ready to go!  Anxiously waiting to drive up the mountain and play.  I’m longingly looking at pictures from last year – just waiting!!!


I’m waiting for another beautiful day like my birthday last year – where the sky is a rich, crystal blue.  The snow on the trees is glistening in the morning sunlight.


In the meantime – I’ll keep waiting, I’ll apply for my son’s Ski Utah passport so he can get some free passes; I’ll make sure everyone still fits in their under layers, boots & gloves; I’ll snuggle under a blanket by the fireplace and I’ll keep dreaming for those perfect days with my family up on the mountain…

Enjoying a day in the snow

Very IMPATIENTLY Waiting….



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