La Vie Enrose

I’ve been wanting to post something, here, but didn’t really find much interesting in my life to write about.  We celebrated Christmas with snow, church & relaxing (we watched Star Wars movies in preparation to see the new movie!)

Now I can’t believe 2016 is just a few days away.  I’ve been contemplating creating a New Year’s Resolution Goals scrapbook layout to document what I want to accomplish in the coming year and my progress to those ends.  I’ve also been working on Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead 2016 workbook to see what direction I want to move forward.

As I’ve been preparing for my January classes, I’ve been working with the IMG_2298La Vie Enrose papers – they are quite pretty with roses in various pinks & reds as well as black & white geometric patterns.  IMG_2299Ever since this paper was introduced I’ve been wondering what the name means – so I finally looked it up.  According to – La Vie Enrose literally translates to Life in pink – but more appropriately would be life through rosy glasses.  I think I like the 2nd translation better.  I know you can’t go through life completely with your rose colored glasses on, but I often think about how the world has changed between when I was a kid and what my boys are experiencing.  I would love to add some rose colored glasses to their lives so they could enjoy childhood a little longer without hearing about what’s going on in the news or even down the street.

But, since I can’t hide the world from them, I’ll do my best to temper the difficult things in life with lots of love, compassion & kindness – hope that it’s catchy and that they’ll remember we’re always better together!



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