Busy Month!

This month has been crazy!  I’ve been getting ready for the CTMH Convention in Walt Disney World (I’m actually sitting in the airport right now waiting for my flight there).  My boys finished school & moved on to summer activities (rock climbing camp, STEM camp & a blacksmithing camp – yes – blacksmithing as in forging things out of metal! – how cool is that?)  We even tried a backpacking trip (which ended up being just a hike).  Here are a few pictures of our adventures…



Don’t have pictures of the blacksmithing camp yet – that’s happening later this week & frankly – my 13 yr old just isn’t that interested in taking pictures, but I hope I can get at least one!

I’m excited to be heading to FL for the CTMH Convention – then a few days in Disney World with family – and a few more days visiting family in PA.  Really looking forward to the downtime & seeing my family.  Watch social media for #CTMHconv2016 for pics & tweets about the new products coming in August. I’ll try to post to Facebook & Instagram – anywhere I can share the excitement.



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