Family Vaca Fun!

What a great family vacation we’ve had!  After the CTMH Convention, my hubby & boys joined me for a few days in Walt Disney World.  We headed to Disney Springs (the revamped Downtown Disney shopping/eating area), Legoland, Epcot and the Magic Kingdom.

My boys love Legos, so we spent Monday in Legoland – my oldest turned 14 on Tuesday, and he wanted to ride the Lego cars which are a 13 and under ride – so he made sure we went in time for him to play.  Admittedly, my boys are a bit old for the rides at Legoland…


but the creations built from the Legos are amazing for any age.


We loved the Fast Passes at Epcot and Magic Kingdom!  They helped us zip past the lines and enjoy more of the fun.  Given the struggles my boys have with getting over stimulated, we decided to keep the parks low-key.  No – we didn’t ride every ride – but the ones we did ride were lots of fun and we had fewer meltdowns (believe me in that Florida heat & humidity we were already melty enough!)

Soarin’ at Epcot was absolutely amazing – I couldn’t believe how realistic it was.  The Mission Space ride was fun, but I felt like I was hit with a load of bricks afterwards.  Thankfully the motion sickness didn’t last long.


Magic Kingdom was just that – Magical!  We started off the day with Space Mountain and ended with The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (after watching the fireworks).  My boys discovered Pin Trading and are now each loaded down with a lanyard of pins.

One of the best decisions I made at both Disney World and Legoland was to purchase their digital picture package.  Now I’m included in our vacation pictures instead of just being behind the camera!  We have professional pictures with Disney characters, the castle, the Epcot ball, and all the ride action photos!  Disney added lots of bonus photos & a few videos, too!  I have lots of pictures to capture this fun trip!





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