My Scrapping Revelation

As I start this, I’m quite sure that some of you may laugh – not in a ‘that’s really funny, Gerri’ sort of way – but more of a – ‘are you serious?!’ tone.  If you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of scrapbooker that can jump in anywhere and make a few pages, then jump back several years and make a few more – you’ll probably laugh at me.  You see – I get stuck in the rules and details and the ‘what if I miss something’ train of thought.  So – I’ve always been a chronological scrapper. I’m also slow – I have 1 year of my oldest son’s book done and about a month of my youngest’s.  I guess I’m a bit behind…



I joined CTMH a little over a year ago to be able to purchase all the great products at a discount.  I was going to be pumping out pages like crazy – then I decided to actually hold classes and treat it like a business instead of a hobby.  While that was fun & there’s a lot of support from my CTMH Momma & Sister consultants, I wasn’t getting much of my personal scrapbooking done.  Those fantastic pages I was making just didn’t fit into my 1 year old’s life in July of 2003 – I had a plan & I was sticking to it.










Enter the Dragon… Oh wait – I mean the WIP Album!  I was watching a CTMH training video by Lynn Como, an amazing CTMH Senior Director.  Mingled in with all her fantastic tips she mentioned a Work-in-Progress album.  A WIP album – is simply a 3 ring binder style album where you can put your finished pages before they go into your final album.

What’s the big deal you ask?  Well – I can scrap out of order!!!  If I have pictures from 2004 that would work great in a sample layout I’m working on – I add them to the pages and insert them into the WIP album until the rest of my pages up through that time are done – then I can put them all into my final album in order – without missing anything!


I’m no longer stuck by my own thinking.  Like I said – some of you might be laughing at my self-imposed constraints… but there just might be some of you who struggle with the same type of limitations.  What do you do to get over those hurdles?



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