Make it Fit…

Are you a rule follower or a rule bender?  By nature, I’m a rule follower – it’s black or white – right or wrong – there isn’t much in between.  While this attribute is great for my internal auditing day job – it can sometimes hinder life, relationships, creativity and running a business.

In my post about My Scrapping Revelation – I talked about being stuck in chronological scrapbooking and finding a solution that gives me more freedom.  Today I want to talk about making things fit.

I love to scrapbook – but when I have to create a layout from scratch – I’m very slow!  I love that CTMH provides Workshop Your Way kits and plenty of other creative ideas for me to work with – I don’t have to start from a blank sheet.  Sometimes, however – all those pinks and flowers don’t fit in with my pictures of boys playing in the mud.  Sometimes my pictures aren’t the right size or orientation to fit those great layouts.

Here are a few ideas of how I make things fit –

Adjusting the picture layout – The top layout is the CTMH version.  For my version – I decided to use some pictures I printed a few months ago for a different layout that I haven’t gotten to yet.  Just a few adjustments and I was able to fit my pictures to the CTMH layout.

CTMH Version
My version


Adjusting the colors – Like I said earlier – I have lots of boy pictures – so pink doesn’t always fit well with what we’re doing.  For the next layout – I simply flipped the B&T Duos (double sided paper from CTMH) – the contrast is a little different, but I feel this background color works better with my pictures.  I also played around with the photo layout as well.WYW



Additions – I loved the simplicity of the next layout, but honestly, those diagonal lines really bothered my eyes!  So I simply added a strip of red paper above the the center portion to help break up the diagonals.  Also, since my pictures were larger – I used flip flaps to be able to add more pictures (check out the flip flaps on this post – It’s Magical!).   CI Layout


I realize that to some of you this all comes very naturally – and easily.  For others – you may have figured this out long ago.  For me – I guess I’m a bit slow – I refrained from buying scrapbook kits because I didn’t want to be pinned into their layout.  Now I can use other people’s creativity and adjust it to my needs so I can be more efficient with the time I have for scrapbooking.

How do you bend the rules – is it a time saver for you?




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