Back To School!!

I remember the excitement of my younger days when it was time to head back to school.  I was one of those nerdy kids who liked school – plus I lived out in the boonies, so school is where I saw most of my friends.  Back to school meant new clothes, new supplies (provided by the school!) and new schedules.  As a mom – the part of back to school I enjoy the most is the SCHEDULE!

So – that’s how my draft to this post started – BEFORE – back to school!  The week of back to school in my house was not the pretty pictures you see plastered all over Facebook.  It was mornings of arguing, 1 day of meltdown over math, and evenings of explosions!

The first problem was that my 6th grader did not get the teacher he just knew he was going

Nope – not Happy!

to have.  You know that saying – ‘If Momma ain’t happy’?  Well his version is ‘If Garrett’s not happy, I’m going to make sure everyone knows!’  His bad mood carried over to the evenings where the change in schedule and not having summer freedoms resulted in the aforementioned explosions.  Apparently he was even giving his poor innocent teacher the cold shoulder and trying to push buttons there as well.

This is AFTER the math packet!

My Freshman didn’t have too many problems – except for the thick math packet that he had a week to work on – and was due on Wednesday (the 1st day of school).  Did he space out the the pages to be manageable?  Of course not!  So Tuesday arrives and he’s in a frustrated, overwhelmed panic – refusing any help from mom, bemoaning the fact that he doesn’t remember ‘anything’ – seriously – 3 hours of this and he wasn’t any closer to being done – not a single problem!  The irony is he could have had the entire packet finished in 3 hours!



By Wednesday I was seriously questioning my abilities as a mother.  I’ve heard it said that God gives us our children for a reason.  I really don’t question God too often – but last week I certainly was!  I even Google’d ‘God chose me to parent’ – I didn’t find any Bible verses to support that claim directly (if you know of any, send them my way!).  How could I possibly be the right mom for these 2?  It seemed like I was more of a handicap to them than any thing else.  How was I possibly qualified or even capable of helping them become responsible young men?

So – I did some deep breathing – a LOAD of praying, and continued to wonder was I really that awful as a child that my mom would wish this on me?!  (Obviously it was my husband who was the naughty one!) Eventually, things settled down… my 6th grader decided his teacher wasn’t so bad (she’s mathy like he is).  My 9th grader didn’t finish his math packet, but went to school willing to accept the consequence – only to find out he has another 2 weeks to get it done (yeah – he’s still procrastinating!).

Here we are a week later – we’re settling into that schedule that I was so looking forward to.  As I see my friends post glowing pictures of smiling children heading back to school – I just have to wonder – what drugs do they give their kids?  I know that one day, the strong personalities of my boys will help them succeed in life, but until then, I’d really just like whatever pill all those smiling Facebook faces are getting!

Hope your back to school adventure is a little calmer than mine was!

*Yes – I know my friends aren’t drugging their kids – but seriously – I want some of that!


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