Relax, Refresh – Retreat…

I’m just back from a weekend retreat with the ladies from my church.  Have you ever been on a retreat?  Do you ever just retreat on your own – either for spiritual renewal, to get creative or just to have some time to yourself?  I must say that I highly suggest it.


I haven’t been on many retreats – I went away for a weekend by myself to quilt once and I went to a 2 night scrapbook retreat – I got a lot done on both of those weekends.  But this was my first spiritual retreat.  We had a small group (only 6 of us stayed overnight and 2 more joined us for the day on Saturday), but the company was awesome.  One of my favorite parts was just sitting around in the morning, drinking coffee, talking – and not having a schedule to get out the door.  We talked about so many things – our individual faith walk, the family-like atmosphere of our small church, our kids, our jobs, our childhoods – really just got to know each other.


We had devotionals, took in some nature, enjoyed some yummy new recipes (pumpkin french toast & chicken deliciousness were outstanding) and made some crafty things.  The 23rd Psalm bracelets were a big hit (each color of bead on the strand represents a line from the 23rd Psalm)!


We came away with a jar full of blessings (encouraging things we wrote down about each other) and new prayer requests we can pray for each other.  Most importantly, we were all refreshed and uplifted by each other and the planned activities.

I really do recommend some time away if you haven’t tried it.  Ideally, getting away from the norm is quite helpful, but I know that sometimes all we can grab is a few hours in a quiet room.  However much of that you can embrace – go for it – take some time for yourself and come back to the world renewed, refreshed, and ready to be the best friend, mom, wife, you – that you can be.



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