Woodland Critters

Check out this cute stamp set so perfect for welcoming Fall or saying Thanks!d1657-woodland-critters


Here’s a cute card using the Swan Lake paper packet & a couple of stamping techniques.


The first technique is just some rock-n-roll on the middle leaf.  I started by stamping the leaf in Saffron (this paper uses Goldrush, but since I didn’t have that – Saffron was a great substitute).  Then I rolled the edge in Poppy to add a little red/orange to the edge.  This a small stamp, so rolling the entire edge almost got rid of the Saffron – so that’s why I only did one side.

I have no idea what to call the other technique – I used it to make the raccoon’s tail look more like fur.  After inking the image by tapping, twisting and tapping again – I rubbed just the tail in a vertical movement (in the same direction as the tail), then stamped the image.

Want to make this quick & easy card?  Check out the October card classes – or purchase the paper & stamp set (gerri.closetomyheart.com) – then send me an email & I’ll email the cutting directions for free.  The ribbon used here is Gold Shimmer ribbon which can be purchased separately or as part of the Swan Lake Workshop Your Way (G1112).





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