Family -Little Things Mean the Most 

I’m enjoying the crisp fall mornings these days – not so much the shorter days.  This month’s Basic Scrapbook class layout is great for pictures of family – and uses the ‘With You’ stamp set.

The sample shows placement for 3 pictures (a 5×7 and two 3×4’s) – you could easily add more pictures using Flip Flaps or additional mattes.

I’ve often heard the phrase ‘little things mean a lot’ – but I love that this stamp set says ‘the little things mean the MOST’.  Why is this?  For me it comes back to family. A few years ago, my son was diagnosed with Aspergers – a high functioning level of Autism that affects him mainly with social impairment – he doesn’t play well with others.  Most people just think he’s rude and don’t understand there’s an underlying issue.
This has been a struggle for our whole family, not just him.

The little things that mean so much are –

When he apologizes for an explosion – that means he’s starting to get the connection between his actions and others’ feelings (and more importantly – care about that connection).

When he can verbally express that he’s getting frustrated – and better yet – walk away and avoid an explosion.

When he can accept a compliment without getting angry (I still haven’t figured this one out – if I’m giving you a compliment – why get upset?)

When his brother doesn’t intentionally try to get him spun up.

When mom or dad can calmly engage – correct, redirect, compliment, reward.

I know for lots of families, these things are just second nature – but for us they’re little things that really do mean the most.  Because these little things are putting my son on the path to being able to function appropriately in society.  They also mean that our family is making little improvements – to be more understanding, to be better, to help each other.  These little things for you – mean the most for us.

Originally, I thought about having family pictures on this layout, maybe instead I’ll tell this story of how such little things do mean the most. 


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