It’s the Little Things

I’ve written before about how important this saying is to me (check out Family -Little Things Mean the Most ) – but this time it’s about the December Constant Campaign.  What better way to celebrate the little things in life than with adorable mini albums?  Whether you’re looking for a meaningful gift idea or a treasured keepsake, these mini albums are a fast and easy option, and this month you save 30%-off the retail price of the products you need!

Are you looking for a gift for someone who as recently had or is soon having a baby?  How about the traveler in your life?  Or – do you know someone who has all their pictures on Facebook or Instagram & you’d like to help them put those pictures into an album?  Here are some great gift album ideas and at a great price, too!

Choose the Blush or Blue Jean mini album bundle with adorable square pocket cards, overlays, and Memory Protectors™.  These album bundles are only $18.95 and they’re fantastic for square social media pictures.

Or go for the Adventure Mini Album Bundle which includes with a larger striped album, My Crush Adventure Calls 6″ × 8″ hole-punched decorative pages and your choice of coordinating Memory Protectors (6×8, 4×6, or 3×4).  The My Crush pages are travel themed so they are perfect for any adventure you’re embarking on.

Here are some comparison pictures 

Check the Size Difference – which works best for your memories?!

Mini album with cards


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