Glitter, Vinyl and…. Floor Wax??!!

Have you seen the gorgeous glitter ornaments with monograms or names on them?  They caught my eye when I joined a Cricut Facebook Group, so I decided to give it a try.  The gist of it is you put some type of glue on the inside of a glass ornament, swirl it around, add glitter – shake/swirl it around and you have a glittery ornament without glitter all over the place (because it stays on the inside).

I already had some glass ornaments for another project and I had plenty of glitter – I just needed the glue.   Some quick internet research showed a few options – floor wax like Mop & Glo; Mod Podge (I totally thought this stuff was called modge podge!); or something called Polycrylic.

I’m a little impatient – so I went with the floor wax (the cheapest I could find).  My first try was OK – not as stellar as I wanted (I expected a total blackout with the glitter and I could see some light shining through) – so I returned to the store to get a ‘brand name’ version – maybe it would be stickier.  I still got about the same results – the glitter would coat the inside, but I could see through some areas.  If I just looked straight on, the ornament looked great – but holding it up to the light I could see the bare spots.

I did a little research and found that fine glitter works better than the regular sized glitter I was using – Oh Darn – another trip to the craft store!  The fine glitter worked much better.  (but the ornament below used regular glitter – for some reason the green covered better).



I was ready to move on to decorating the outside.  I decided to make this one for my nephew, Jake.  I cut his name using the Happy Camper font (designed by Erika Fisher) that I got as a free download a couple of weeks ago.  The ‘J’ in the background is one of my system fonts – Monotype Cursiva.  The white lines look crooked and torn – but they aren’t – the vinyl went on very nicely even with the curve of the ornament.


He’s a hunter so in addition to his name, I added a deer head from the CTMH Artistry Cricut cartridge.  I sized this image to 2.3 and left the sizing locked (the width came out to 1.47).  As you can see from the picture – this gave me a little more trouble than the name to get it to form around the ball.  I’m still thinking recutting this to a smaller size or I might try putting a top coat over it to try to keep the air bubbles out.

For my first try – I’m pretty happy with this project (except maybe that bubbly deer).  My son has me working on a few more for a school ornament exchange and possibly for some teachers.  If I get to those, I’ll come back and add some more pictures and anything new that I learn in making them.  Overall this is an easy and non-messy project.

I would love to see any ornaments you’ve made!




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