What’s Your Word?

Well, my December blogging didn’t exactly go as planned.  I had hoped to continue posting every 3 days, but about mid-month life ran away with my plan.  Here it is New Year’s Eve – and I’m ready to start fresh in 2017.  I thought I’d start with a word.

I’m not sure when/how it all started, but there has been a trend lately of people choosing a word for the year.  The word is meant to represent you and your desires for the year. 2016 was the first time I chose a word.  My word was REACH – because I wanted to stretch my boundaries and move outside that oh-so-familiar comfort zone.  I also wanted to reach people – make new friends.



Here’s how my year panned out – I reached outside my comfort zone and became more creative, tried new techniques, and played with different media; I made new friends both in person and on-line; I tried a few videos, even developed my own card class.  My biggest reach was the decision to leave my job as an Internal Auditor.  I’ve long felt dissatisfied with the job – it was very negative and I didn’t feel that I was helping anyone.  In April I came to the realization that I could leave that job and try doing some things that will be more enjoyable, beneficial for my family and hopefully helpful to others as well.

For 2017 – I’ve decided that my word is TRANSFORM.


This will definitely be a year of  transformation – leaving the security of a civil service job (and that salary), building a business and starting another.  I’m also striving for transformation in my home life.  I hope that being home more and by working at something I enjoy, I can help bring more peace to my family and our home.

Here’s to a year of transforming!!!

Do you have a word for 2017? Whether you do or don’t – my wish for you is that the New Year brings you many blessings!




Clip art was found at http://www.clker.com/clipart-reach-for-the-stars-1.html and http://www.clipartqueen.com/butterfly-clipart.html.  Thank you to the artists for allowing the use of their work.



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