Good Bye Auditing!!!!!

Today is my last day as an internal auditor for the Air Force.  I can’t believe this day is finally here!  A year ago, I didn’t think it was possible.  Yet – here I am getting ready to start a new chapter.  It’s exciting.  It’s a little scary.  It’s satisfying.

I didn’t grow up wanting to be an auditor (or even an accountant).  I wanted to be a jockey – I quickly outgrew that dream – literally (I’m in no way short or petite).  Then I wanted to be a veterinarian – I became a veteran.  I pursued an accounting degree instead of a DVM – which was OK, because I loved working with numbers (let’s face it – they never bite, kick or scratch).

At one time I enjoyed auditing.  I love problem solving, I have an eye for details, and I don’t mind confrontation.  Unfortunately – the negativity got me.  After 18 years, it was weighing me down – constantly telling people they were doing things wrong.  Last April was my Spring Board.  I was doing a book study of Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles.  In the course of that study – I stretched my mind – what else could I do?  How much of my income would I actually need to replace?   What would make me happy?  How could I help others?  The idea slowly bloomed from a small seed to full blown reality!

With a lot of prayer, consultation with my husband, dreaming, more prayer and lots of seeking, I made the decision.  I don’t know how things will work out – I just know they will.  I know that if Plan A doesn’t work – I can try Plan B – then C – and even D if I need to.  I know God has a path for me.  I know I’m doing the right thing.  I know I just need to listen and move forward.

So – after more than 30 years I will no longer be working for the Air Force.  For the first time in 32 years I don’t actually have a job.  It’s a little scary.  It’s exciting.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.  Here’s what 18 years of auditing looks like –



A stack of reports – each one the culmination of months of audit work boiled down to about 10 pages.  These are ready for the shredder & I’m ready to move forward.

Follow your dreams!


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