Truly Blessed…

Is there something wrong with me?!  I traded a desk job for shoveling snow – and I love it!

No – I don’t shovel snow all the time – but it’s part of the reason I quit my auditing job.  I wanted to have more time to take care of my family.  And since my husband is willing to go to work to support our family – I don’t have a problem pushing some snow around (it’s WAY better than pushing paper!)

It’s been just over 2 weeks since I quit my job.  I can’t believe the peace that I have felt since that very first weekend.  A lot of it comes from being able to get housework, grocery shopping and other errands done while my boys are at school – leaving evenings and weekends for more fun things.

Another reason I think I have more peace is that my days are filled with productivity – creating layouts & cards, getting my house back together, blogging, cooking….. things I enjoy – some creative, some physical, some mental – I really love it all.

The main reason I think I have found peace is because I truly believe I am following God’s plan for me.  I spent a lot of time in prayer and questioning whether I was making the right choice.  I received answers in multiple ways – and everything was telling me that I needed to leave the job I hated – spend more time taking care of my family – and pursue things that bring me joy.

I know that this is a blessing and not something to be taken for granted.  I’m very thankful that I am able to take more time with my family and do things I love.  I am truly blessed!

Enjoy your life – it’s too short to be unhappy!



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