Hello Lovely!

The February 2017 featured paper is Hello Lovely – a beautiful mix of flowers, geometric patterns, a little gold foil and beautiful colors.  I love the linen pattern, too!


When I first saw this paper in person, those flowers immediately reminded me of my Gran Wessner (she’s also my namesake – my real name is Geraldine).  I remember as a child she always had gardenia bushes and those white flowers remind me of Gran’s gardenias.

img_1184Gran also had peonies (we pronounce them peenies – not pee O nies), a mock orange bush, tons of lilacs – and there was this lemon tree.  It wouldn’t bloom – she had it for years and not a single flower.  Gran was always reading – and she had read that plants like to be talked to – so she talked to the lemon tree.  Then somehow she heard she needed to beat the tree – so she hit it with a switch!  After several years – she was just done waiting and tossed it over the bank by the creek.  And would you believe that thing bloomed!!!

My Gran Wessner is also the person who sparked my scrapbooking bug.  When we were kids, she made each of us a ‘scrapbook’ with articles she read or pictures that she thought we would like, there were snip-its from the newspaper if we had our picture in there for something and just things in general that reminded her of us.  Sadly, I don’t have that scrapbook anymore.  I’m not sure what happened to it over the years.  I wish that I had understood the value when I was younger.  But I do still have the memories and I will definitely be making a scrapbook layout about my Gran with this paper!

Have you ever found a paper that brought back a flood of memories or you just knew immediately what you wanted to do with it?  If not – I hope you get to experience it at least once!  During the next month I’ll be posting artwork using the Hello Lovely paper pack – so check back later!




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