Hello Lovely Layouts

It’s interesting to me how my thoughts on these layouts changed when I actually pulled the paper out and started playing with it.  I used the Hello Lovely Scrapbooking Workshops Your Way kit (G1119) and cutting guide.  The guide shows these layouts done with pictures of a pretty girl with flowers in her hair, playing a guitar… beautiful layouts – don’t get me wrong – just not my life!!!  I thought about using these layouts for my youngest son’s baptism pictures and maybe for some family pictures we had taken several years ago.

But – once I actually looked at the papers, the patterns, colors, and gold foil really reminded me of the cruise my husband and I took in 2007 (a very belated honeymoon!).   I was very excited to see that the layouts and my pictures went well together without much finagling!


This layout is just like the guide except I left off a title – I haven’t decided yet what I want to use yet.  The original layout said ‘BEAUTIFUL’ and while the Mayan Ruins were beautiful – I’m just not feeling it.

I had some additional pictures of the ruins and the surrounding moss laden trees that I really liked.  They didn’t really fit into the main layout, but I was able to include them in a 6X12 pocket page that will be inserted between these two pages

I was able to use some of the cut-apart pocket cards included in the paper pack – and even created my own journaling cards with some of the patterned papers.  These pocket pages are a great way to tell ‘The Rest of the Story’ if you will (Thank you, Paul Harvey!).  For this page I used the Memory Protectors Pocket Plus Design 3 (Z3244).  The Pocket Plus Memory Protectors come in several designs for both 3X4 and 4X6 photos.


I made a slight change on this layout only because I printed my pictures in 4X4 instead of 3X3  – I made the white background on the left size larger to fit the larger pictures.  My original thought was to trim the pictures down – but when I actually had the pictures in hand – that just didn’t work.  I also changed up the journaling placement a bit as I didn’t have much to say about this day.


This page also has minimal changes – I swapped out some of the 4×6 photos on the right layout with 3X4s and ditched one of the pocket cards. I also put a spot for a bit of journalling on the left – rather than just the pocket card that said ‘True Story’.

Now I’m going to have a little light hearted rant about ‘BEST DAY’ stuff – I have so many BEST DAY stickers, pocket cards and even stamps – and I am revolting against the ‘BEST DAY’ – because really – if it’s the BEST DAY – there’s only one – right?!  So what am I supposed to do with all the other BEST DAY scrapbooking stuff I have?  What if I use it on a layout – but later have a BETTER BEST DAY – what am I supposed to do then?!

HMMMMMMmmmmm…anyway –



Product Used (isn’t it great to create 3 layouts with just the products from this WYW kit & extra pocket pages! And I still have lots of left overs for cards or more layouts!):




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