Watercolor Fun


I’ve been doing classes at a local Senior Center for a few months – I try to keep the projects simple and inexpensive ($1-2/ card). This month I decided to play with some quick and easy watercolored cards.


Using CTMH Picture My Life™ Watercolor cards is one way to do this. These cards come in a pack of 24 (12 each of 3×4 and 4×6 cards). I started by putting a wash of clean water across the entire card. Since I prefer to work from the top down, I added color to my brush and diluted it so the color would be lighter starting off. As I worked my way down the card, I simply picked up a bit more color to darken it as I went. I’m guessing you could start with undiluted color and let the color get lighter as you use it up, but I liked the control of how light I started with and then adding more color as I wanted.

As the card dried, I tried to keep adjusting it so it would be curled up. After it was all dried, I simply attached it to a cardstock mat,  added the sentiment, and I’m done. I try to use a good amount of adhesive when I’m working with watercolors because they do tend to get a bit stiff and sometimes want to pull up at the edges.


I used this technique on a birthday card for my Dad last year (A Rustic Birthday) and I really like the look. CTMH has several realistic line image stamp sets – Nature’s Wish (D1703), Homegrown (C1666), and the one used here Hooked on You (B1535). As I’ve mentioned before – I don’t have a lot of patience for coloring – so my solution for this is to add some mottled watercolors in the background, and stamp the image on top of that.

This technique also starts with a clear water wash across the paper. Then I add spots of very diluted color – I’m going for a muted look on the colors, so I try to keep my hand very light.  I like to use colors that hint at the environment – so for this one, I mainly used blue, with a touch of yellow towards the top (for the sunlight) and some green.

I tried to mold this piece as it dried to get it as straight/flat as possible. You can see on the bottom right edge where I didn’t get enough adhesive to keep it down (I’ll go back over this with a Bonding Memories Glue Pen because I can get the tip between the two pieces of paper to apply the glue).

Since I allowed the paper to dry completely before stamping, I was able to use regular ink without it bleeding. This is great if you want to use a dark brown ink to give the image a more aged look.

Since today is Father’s Day – this card will be for my boys to give my husband – he loves to fish.

There you go – Easy Watercolor cards (I won’t say they’re quick because you do need to let the watercolors dry – but the actual part of making the cards is pretty quick).



Other products used (these can be found on my CTMH site – gerri.closetomyheart.com)


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