Getting Started – Pictures on Pages

Last month I did a couple of posts about getting started & organizing your pictures.  This month I’d like to move on to getting pictures on pages. First – we all have to realize that there are many different ways to do this – the three basic paths are:

  • Traditional scrapbooking – gluing paper & pictures to pages & adding the story.


  • Pocket scrapbooking – sliding pictures and pre-printed cards into divided page protectors



  • Digital scrapbooking – using an electronic format to design layouts & then either printing a photo book or printing individual pages to add to a scrapbook.



    Today I’m going to focus on traditional scrapbooking.  Within this arena you have a variety of page sizes – from make your own mini-albums (I just did one that was 3 x 4) up to 12 x 12 (I know Creative Memories used to have something like an 11 X 15, but don’t know what other larger sizes are available.) Don’t feel confined to a single size – you can intermingle smaller sized layouts within a larger album (add 8 1/2 x 11 to a 12 x 12 album).

    Something to consider on the size is how many pictures you want to scrapbook.  If you have a lot of pictures, or if you like a lot of pictures on a layout – you might want to go with a larger format. One thought on the number of pictures, though – you don’t have to scrap every picture – (I constantly struggle with this!).

    Another area to consider is the content of your scrapbooks/layouts. Do you want to focus more on telling a story or capture an event. Many of us start out as event-driven scrappers (a wedding, birth) and migrate to the stories.  I’m a firm believer that all your layouts should have some story – if not, you might as well juts hang it on a wall (and that’s not a bad option either). My thoughts are that scrapbooking is a way to capture what’s going on in life so that in years to come my family can look back over the pages & share those memories.  So if I don’t really identify what’s going on, I may not have much to share later if I can’t remember the details.

    So, if you’re scrapping an event,

    • Choose your pictures from that event (an easy task if you have them organized – if not, check out these other posts Where to Start? – Digital Photo Management – Where to Start (Part 2) – Piles of Pics).
    • Find coordinating papers –
      • Colors that match the pictures or the event (match wedding colors)
      • Themed papers that match the event (birthday, Halloween)
      • Patterned papers that match the event (florals for a wedding, animals for a zoo trip)
    • Find a layout – you can design your own, but I find scraplifting is helpful – especially if you’re just starting out. Look for layouts with the same amount of pictures, similar theme, or the colors you want to use. There are so many great resources for this – Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, sketch/recipe books, catalogs (CTMH Idea Books)

    As a Close To My Heart consultant, of course, I regularly turn to CTMH product.  I love that each featured paper packet has a Scrapbook Workshops Your Way kit that includes paper, embellishments & and a cutting guide that is easy to use or adapt to my own needs. Everything coordinates leaving me less to think about, decide on, spend time on.


    Another new CTMH product is the Cut Above Layout Kit.  Talk about a great way to get started.  There are currently 2 kits – one for a new baby,

    and one for a wedding/love theme.


    These kits include pre-printed die cuts and base pages. All you need to do is punch out the pieces (they’re perforated sheets) and adhere them to the base pages.  There are also pocket cards to add to your traditional layout (I know, this wasn’t today’s topic, but they’re there & they do mix wonderfully with traditional!)


    During April 2017 – you can get either of these Cut Above layout kits for half price!! – That’s just $7.48 each!  What an amazing deal – check it out at  AND – watch for more Cut Above layouts in May!




    Friendly Layouts (with Stamping!)

    Good morning, friends! Spring break was a little more eclectic than I was planning, so I never made it back with additional posts – but I’m ready to start back up this week.  These layouts are one of the options for my April scrapbooking class.


    I used the Some Kind of Wonderful Workshops Your Way Scrapbooking kit.  This kit includes a paper packet, complements, white twine and a package of black and white dots. Often, I just follow the guide designed for the kit – easy-peasy… but this month, I wanted to add some stamping.


    Close to My Heart has designed scrapbooking and  cardmaking stamp sets specifically to coordinate with each featured paper packet.  I thought the Some Kinda Wonderful Scrapbooking stamp set would be great for telling the story of my family getting a cat (the cat I was never going to own!!!!).


    Between the stamp set and the complements, I had everything i needed to convey the friendship that’s developed between my son & his cat and all the happiness the little kitty brought!



    This layout really didn’t need a lot of colored papers – using the stamps to create a slight background on the White Daisy cardstock, I really only needed a few pieces to frame the pictures.

    My next layout just has some pictures of my son when he was 1 1/2 – showing off his fish tank, being cool in his shades and hanging out with his best friend at the time – Mickey.  This time I used some of the green paper for a large photo mat and then added some color above & below.  The stamping on this page just adds a little extra embellishment.IMG_1985

    My last double page layout didn’t include any stamping.  These are just some random pictures that remind me what a happy wonderful life we have – i love that smile!


    (I actually went back and added another layered piece on the right hand page – in the top left side – I’ll try to remember to get a picture of it and replace this one!)

    If you’ve made layouts with this paper, I’d love to see them – whether you followed the design guide or did your own thing!



    Dreamin’ Big Adventures

    My last few posts have been about organizing your photos.  Whether or not you’re a scrapbooker – preserving those photos is important.  It has been said that this generation takes the most pictures (therefore the value of a photo has decreased), but it will be the generation with the least photos preserved because they are not valued (Here’s a great article about this from Mike Yost Photography!).  So, if you need to tackle your photo stash, check out these two posts for some ideas (Where to Start? – Digital Photo Management and Where to Start (Part 2) – Piles of Pics).

    Today we go back to some artwork.  Since the last two posts have been about organizing photos – here’s how I preserve mine.  I love to scrapbook.  At one time, I felt like I was ‘behind’ but as I worked through those pictures, getting them on pages, I realized that I really loved reliving these memories (cute boys, no back-talk!)  Also – have some time between the events and making pages, allows me to have a bigger picture take on my thoughts and the events.


    Today’s layouts use this month’s featured paper Dreamin’ Big.  I thought these papers were great for capturing some of our outdoor adventures.  I used the Dreamin Big Workshops Your Way kit (G1121)  which includes the Paper Packet, Complements, Sequins, Whisper Thick Twine & extra cardstock..  I decided to use different layouts than were included with the kit guide – not that there was anything wrong with those, I just wanted a little something different (and the challenge of not just following the directions).

    My starting point was the Make It From Your Heart, Volume 2 pattern book (item 9042).   You can find lots of sketches on the internet and in books.  They are great to use as they are, or they can be a great jumping off point for you to bring in your own ideas.  I like the CTMH pattern books because in addition to the sketches, you get measurements for cutting and placement, pictures of actual layouts and variations, and ideas for adaptations.


    Layout 1 started from Pattern 10 – it uses two 3 x 3, one 3 x 4, and three 4 x 6 photos.  I used this layout to document a hike I took with my family in PA.  I always loved the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary and wanted to share this with my boys.

    IMG_1813 cropped

    One of my favorite pictures in this layout is of my youngest son walking in the opposite direction from everyone else.  Even before he was 2 years old – he was going his own direction (against the flow!!).  Had I scrapbooked this back in 2007 – I would not have known this about his personality and wouldn’t have been able to talk about it in my pages.


    Layout 2  started from Pattern 5 – it uses two 3 x 3 and three 4 x 6 photos to document my Happy Place – the green of PA!  Although I haven’t lived there for over 30 years, I love to go back to visit my family.  Since moving west (New Mexico and now Utah) – I have really come to appreciate the green!


    Layout 3 started with Pattern 3 and uses five 3 x 4 and one 4 x 6 photo.  This one documents a fun hike my boys and I did a few years ago over Spring Break.

    If you have some adventures to document (and let’s face it – life in general is an adventure!) – be sure to check out these fun papers before they’re gone on April 30th!  If you would like the cutting guides for these layouts or the original WYW guide – join my VIP Customer Group on Facebook & they will be in the files section.

    Enjoy (you’re adventures or documenting them!)


    Products used (besides basic papercrafting supplies – this is really all I used!  The WYW Scrapbooking kit had everything I needed).



    Hello Lovely Layouts

    It’s interesting to me how my thoughts on these layouts changed when I actually pulled the paper out and started playing with it.  I used the Hello Lovely Scrapbooking Workshops Your Way kit (G1119) and cutting guide.  The guide shows these layouts done with pictures of a pretty girl with flowers in her hair, playing a guitar… beautiful layouts – don’t get me wrong – just not my life!!!  I thought about using these layouts for my youngest son’s baptism pictures and maybe for some family pictures we had taken several years ago.

    But – once I actually looked at the papers, the patterns, colors, and gold foil really reminded me of the cruise my husband and I took in 2007 (a very belated honeymoon!).   I was very excited to see that the layouts and my pictures went well together without much finagling!


    This layout is just like the guide except I left off a title – I haven’t decided yet what I want to use yet.  The original layout said ‘BEAUTIFUL’ and while the Mayan Ruins were beautiful – I’m just not feeling it.

    I had some additional pictures of the ruins and the surrounding moss laden trees that I really liked.  They didn’t really fit into the main layout, but I was able to include them in a 6X12 pocket page that will be inserted between these two pages

    I was able to use some of the cut-apart pocket cards included in the paper pack – and even created my own journaling cards with some of the patterned papers.  These pocket pages are a great way to tell ‘The Rest of the Story’ if you will (Thank you, Paul Harvey!).  For this page I used the Memory Protectors Pocket Plus Design 3 (Z3244).  The Pocket Plus Memory Protectors come in several designs for both 3X4 and 4X6 photos.


    I made a slight change on this layout only because I printed my pictures in 4X4 instead of 3X3  – I made the white background on the left size larger to fit the larger pictures.  My original thought was to trim the pictures down – but when I actually had the pictures in hand – that just didn’t work.  I also changed up the journaling placement a bit as I didn’t have much to say about this day.


    This page also has minimal changes – I swapped out some of the 4×6 photos on the right layout with 3X4s and ditched one of the pocket cards. I also put a spot for a bit of journalling on the left – rather than just the pocket card that said ‘True Story’.

    Now I’m going to have a little light hearted rant about ‘BEST DAY’ stuff – I have so many BEST DAY stickers, pocket cards and even stamps – and I am revolting against the ‘BEST DAY’ – because really – if it’s the BEST DAY – there’s only one – right?!  So what am I supposed to do with all the other BEST DAY scrapbooking stuff I have?  What if I use it on a layout – but later have a BETTER BEST DAY – what am I supposed to do then?!

    HMMMMMMmmmmm…anyway –



    Product Used (isn’t it great to create 3 layouts with just the products from this WYW kit & extra pocket pages! And I still have lots of left overs for cards or more layouts!):



    A Scrapbooking Sugar Rush

    Another Workshop Your Way kit – 3 more double paged layouts – and 20 more pictures on pages.  I’ve mentioned several times that I wasn’t sure how to mix these sweet sugary papers with my rough & tumble boys – but I’m so glad I didn’t just dismiss them.  While looking through my pictures to see if anything would work – I found several of my son making cookies and candy.


    The ‘Hugs & Kisses’ title inspired me to use these pictures of my son & mom making candy – particularly the picture where he’s giving her a kiss.


    I also found these pictures from Easter 2005 – my son happened to be wearing a burgundy coat which matched pretty well with the pomegranate papers in this layout.


    This was the layout I struggled with the most – all that pink!!  Don’t get me wrong – it’s cute – but the pink didn’t really flow with my pictures.  Thankfully, CTMH B&T Duo’s have patterns on both sides.  The opposite side to the pink was this grey with diamonds.  Then, I also needed to make some changes where the original used Whisper card stock.  I used the the Seaglass patterned paper (the backside to the base pages in the 1st layout) to replace the Whisper matte and I swapped out the dovetailed flag on the top left with a pomegranate piece.   The Seaglass patterned paper came from an additional paper pack.  If you didn’t want to purchase another pack – there is enough leftover White Daisy you could cut the mat and then ink the edges to create that contrast.


    The Seaglass patterned paper came from an additional paper pack.  If you didn’t want to purchase another pack – there is enough leftover White Daisy you could cut the mat and then ink the edges to create that contrast.

    scrapbook-wywThis WYW kit comes with the Sugar Rush My Reflections Paper Packet, extra cardstsock in Whisper (1) and White Daisy (3), a package of Sugar Rush Dots, Sugar Rush Complements, and Sugar Rush Washi pack.

    You can find these products & the cutting guide online at until 30 April 2017 – or I will keep the cutting guide posted on my Facebook VIP Group – look under files and they are by Year/Date based on the featured paper month (Sugar Rush is featured in January 2017 – so all Sugar Rush files start with 1701) – don’t worry, they also have Sugar Rush in the title!



    PS – I’m also running a contest through 31 January – find the post in my group page – then post a picture of your completed craft project – bonus points if you use Sugar Rush or the Welcome Home Wreath Kit!

    Charlotte Workshop Your Way!



    I was really excited when CTMH announced the new Workshop Your Way kits!  As a quick overview – there are currently 3 Workshops Your Way – one for each of the new Season Expressions 1 Paper Packets.  Here’s what’s different:


    1.  The Paper Packets include 12 sheets – 2 each of 5 patterned B&T Duos and 2 each of a cut apart sheet that work great for pocket scrapbooking, cardmaking, or additions to your traditional layouts. (You get extra cardstock just with the WYW)
    2. You get awesome embellishments (a packet of complements, puffies, washi tape or ribbon)
    3. You get instructions for 3 double page layouts and 6-9 cards, and you also have the cut apart pages for a pocket page.
    4. There is no stamping or Cricut cuts – unless of course YOU want to add those.
    5. To make the additional cards according to the directions, you’ll need to purchase additional items (or take the basic design & use what you have)
    6. Instructions are available on line and will be available for a full year – download/print the PDF file.  There’s also a YouTube video if you’re more of a visual learner!

    Here’s what the Charlotte WYW looks like – These layouts came together so quickly with the easy to understand instructions & pictures.









    The Celebrate sticker looks odd because I left the backing on until I add pictures








    IMG_2622And here are the cards – There were enough materials left over to make 9 cards (3 each of these designs) – The extra product used for these are:  extra cardstock, card bases (X254), My Acrylix Springtime Wishes (C1641) and Springtime Wishes Thin Cuts (Z3201).  Thin Cuts work with manual die-cutting machines like the Cuttlebug or Sissix.  You can get a neatly cut image even if you don’t have a Cricut (& no fussy cutting!)




    I hope you’ll try these new products – as a working mom of 2 very busy boys – the new Workshop Your Way kit is is a great value for both your money (you get 3 double page layouts, pocket scrapbook layouts and cards) and your time – the heavy thinking is all done for you – everything coordinates, the instructions are easy to follow – just add your pictures and your personal touch!



    Zoe Fun!

    I always thought of Zoe as a fun name – cheerful, carefree, lighthearted – and that’s exactly how I feel about the new Zoe My Reflections Paper Pack from Close to My Heart.  The colors are light and remind me of playing outside on a slightly breezy day (not a crazy, blow you over wind – just enough to stir the scent of flowers on the breeze).  And – I had just as much fun playing with this paper to create the cards for my classes and recreate the awesome artwork of Susan Williams for my scrapbook class.  Zoe Paper

    The Zoe Paper Pack has a color pallet featuring Canary, Glacier, Slate, Sorbet, Sweet Leaf, Whisper and White Daisy.   The Zoe Complements have some fun stickers that remind me of togetherness, having the best day & summer.  What I really like about this set is that it will work well for birthdays, babies, summer, spring – so many fun ways to use this paper.

    1508 SOTMFor the cards, I paired up the Zoe papers with the August Stamp of the Month – Framed.  This SOTM is awesome for cards, tags or anything you want to set off with a little decorative frame.  You can also use the Cricut Artistry Cartridge to precut the frames to add some dimension to your artwork.  Place a $50 order by 31 August, and get the Stamp of the Month for just $5 (a $17.95 value)!

    Order the Zoe Paper pack and one other item needed for the cards to receive a copy of the cutting instructions by email (be sure to email me after you’ve placed your order at  See below for a list of supplies.  IMG_1366

    I like to keep my artwork fairly simple because I don’t have a lot of time and I tend to like clean, simple lines.  I have seen some gorgeous artwork with lots of layers and intricate detail, but I just don’t have the patience to recreate it or to try to think in that way to create my own version.  So what you find here won’t be hard to put together quickly or to easily recreate.  I’m sure some people might consider it pretty rudimentary – but my blog name is Simple Moments – (not to be confused with Simple Minded)

    The scrapbook artwork is from Susan Williams – she has graciously allowed consultants to use and share her artwork for this paper pack.  Below is a picture of 1 of 4 double paged 12″ x 12″ layouts you can create.  If you purchase the scrapbook kit (see below) from my online site (, and contact me at, I will email these instructions to you.IMG_1658

    Project Supplies can be ordered at

    Cards – Zoe Paper Packet (X7197B), Framed (S1508), My Happy (M1045), and Doodled Designs (A1170) Stamp Sets, Glacier (X5770) and Slate (X5930) cardstocks, Slate (Z2173), Sorbet (Z2164),  and Pear (Z2197) Inks, and Teal Shimmer Trim (Z1918).

    Zoe Scrapbook Kit – Zoe Paper Packet (X7197B), Zoe Complements (X7197C), Glacier Thick Twine (Z3039), and Green Triangles (Z3123).  There is not an option to order all these as a single kit – so just add each one individually to your cart (they total $24.80).

    Other items you will need for the Scrapbook layouts – Kraft Cardstock (Z1375), White Daisy Cardstock (#1385).

    Optional items – Desert Sand (Z2118) and Chocolate (Z2111) inks, Sponge (Z697), 3-D Foam Tape (Z1151), Typography Alphabet (E1032) and Jennifer’s Hand Alphabet (B1484) Stamp Sets

    As always – I’d love to see what you make.

    Enjoy! ~Gerri