More Re-inker Techniques

Do you splatter? You know – where you put some water color on a brush & flick it to add little (or big) splatters of color to the background of something.


I like the look of splattering, but I struggle to use it because

  • I’m afraid of messing things up
  • It seems messy to me
  • It’s a hassle to ‘drag out my watercolors & supplies’

Here are some things I’ve done to combat my excuses and use this fun technique in my artwork –


Messing Up – The reason I usually mess things up is because I don’t think about the ink splattering until I’ve got the main components in place & it just needs a little extra. That’s what happened in the above picture – I added the splatters after the main stamp & they just sort of run together. I’m trying harder to

  • Think things through before hand so I can get that splattering in the background
  • Add the splattering to smaller pieces that can be added to the larger work
  • Use masking to cover what I don’t want splattered

Messiness – for the most part, I like clean, simple lines – not a lot of fluff (don’t get me wrong, it looks great when others do it, it’s just not my style). I struggle with random – seriously – if I’m ‘randomly’ placing colors on a quilt or card – I still have to play with them to get some sort of pattern, or make sure things aren’t clashing.

So – I’ve learned to use splattering sparingly (say that 5 times fast) – to add just a hint of background color or a little more dimension.


My last excuse for not using splattering is ‘having to drag it all out’ – that’s where today’s technique is most helpful. This mainly has to do with the tools & supplies I use –

  • Waterbrushes! These are great little brushes with the water enclosed in the barrel (see the photo below)
    • I don’t need to worry about spilling cups of water
    • Different sized brushes for variety
  • Using re-inkers instead of watercolors.
    • My inks perfectly match the papers and other stamping I’m working with
    • It takes less than a drop and the color is very vibrant
    • I’m not overwhelmed by the pallet of my watercolors and mixing them


Here’s what I did –

  • Stamp the main image onto White Daisy cardstock (I used Nutmeg)
  •  Create a mask from scrap paper/cardstock. I tore the edges so it wouldn’t be a distinct  square.
  • I used a small waterbrush and squeezed some water into the bristles
  • Pick up a small amount of ink from the tip of a re-inker (I used Fern, Poppy, Goldrush, and Saffron).
  • Hold the brush over your paper and lightly tap/flick the  brush handle to get splatters

Practice on some scraps to see how the water/re-inker mixes together and how dark or light, big or small your splatters are.

  • More water = less vibrant color & larger drops
  • More re-inker = darker colors & smaller drops
  • Harder flicking = bigger, less controlled drops

I would love to hear whether you splatter, if it comes easy to you or if you have tricks that you use.



Here are the products I used for this card. They can be found at

The leaf is from the Artbooking Cricut cartridge – #M473AB cut height is 1.75″ and I used Goldrush cardstock (use the lighter side for the top layer & the darker side for the base). Please note this collection is only available while supplies last.



Blessings & Memories Layouts

When I first saw the Falling For You creative collection, I fell in love with it! I grew up in Pennsylvania, so the fall colors were so much a part of this time of year – this paper pack brought back some wonderful memories. But – as I was looking for pictures to use, I wasn’t sure what to pick. I don’t take a lot of ‘fall specific’ pictures. Then I had an idea –  I’m not sure which came first – the pictures or the story – but I decided to use this trio of layouts to tell the story of our church camping tradition at Camp UTABA in the Wasatch Mountains. (oh – and little secret – these aren’t FALL pictures! They’re actually all taken in the spring – Memorial Day weekend – but I still think they worked great with the colors of this paper)

There are so many wonderful things about this yearly camping trip – the scenery – the animals – the location – the memories – and best of all the friends. I was able to capture all of these with the Falling For Your Scrapbook Workshops Your Way kit.

First is the location/scenery – the camp is nestled in a little valley. If you walk up the hill at the back of the camp, you see this beautiful cross with a backdrop of the gorgeous blue sky and mountains. As you crest the ridge, there’s a pond down below and you are surrounded by mountains – some with snow on them. It is absolute beauty and peace!



For the second layout – we have some of the fauna & flora. The hummingbirds abound here and there’s the occasional moose (or 2) that wonders through camp. I definitely count my blessings that I get to experience God’s beautiful creations in such a personal way.


The third & final layout shows some of the many friends we have shared this experience with. We started as a group of 3 families that were snowed out of our camping trip to the Uinta Mountains – our pastor had a connection to Camp Utaba and they allowed us to rent their space for the weekend – our group quickly grew to about 5 families that first year.


Over the past few years, we’ve had friends move away and we’ve had new friends join us. It has been such a blessing to get to know everyone. I was originally going to journal on that little green space (above the picture of my son with the dogs) – but there is NO way I can possibly get this story scrunched into that little spot. So I’ve decided to add a Pocket Plus Memory Protector, Design 4 between the pages – this will give me eight 3 x 4 pocket spaces to add memories, and pocket cards/embellishments – or who knows, maybe once I get writing – I’ll fill it all up with words!

pocket protector design 4

I was so happy with how these layouts turned out. I’m excited to add them to my collection of layouts that is my story (rather than my boys’ stories). Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share some of what brings me joy (both the original events and scrapbooking them!)



The Falling For You Scrapbook WYW kit includes the Falling For You Paper Packet, Falling For You Complements, Bronze Sequins, White & Bronze Twine, and 4 sheets of cardstock (2 Pebble, 1 Toffee, 1 White Daisy). I didn’t use the Toffee, but added Almond for matting the photos on the 3rd layout. Also, the “with Friends” is not included in the kit. I cut this using my Cricut and some Kraft cardstock.



Fall Birthday

I always love when I can use a product for multiple uses – I want to feel like I’m getting the most value for my money. So, when I saw this cool technique using re-inkers, I decided to give it a try.


If you are not familiar with Re-inkers – they come in each of our exclusive colors and are used to add ink to your ink stamp pads. So, when your stamp pad gets dry & you aren’t getting the coverage you would like, you can just add more ink, rather than purchasing another ink stamp pad. You can get several re-inkings from a single 1 ounce bottle (I can’t tell you how many, because I haven’t used up a bottle yet – plus, I haven’t kept track).


Today, I paired up several colors of ink and a baby wipe to create a multi-colored stamp pad. This really was an easy and fun way to get multiple colors on my stamp. All you have to do, is put drops of different colored re-inkers on a fresh baby wipe. I didn’t overlap them, but they did touch. Then, ink up your stamp like you normally would and stamp on your paper.


I used the retired Lovely Leaves set, but the Falling For You Cardmaking set (C1686) would work great also.


You can see in this picture, that my stamped images aren’t always full of color. This is from errors on my part than with the stamping technique.  The next time I use this technique, I will fold the baby wipe so there is a more squishy surface and I will add more ink. I was pretty sparing with the ink because I was afraid the colors would run together and get muddy.

I would love to hear if you have tried this technique in the past or if you’re inspired to try it now. It is such a fun way to add more colors and mix things up.




Other products used can be found at

Stronger Together

Last month, Close to My Heart released a stamp set to support disaster relief efforts resulting from the hurricanes, wild fires and other needs.


Stronger Together is a C-sized stamp set with 9 encouraging sentiments. All proceeds from this set will go to the Red Cross to help fund the great work they do in supporting families and communities after a natural disaster or other tragedy.

Here are some cards I made with this stamp set and the Falling For You creative collection.


This is a pattern from the Make It From Your Heart, Vol 1 pattern book. This is pattern 24 and I used the following pieces –

  • 5 1/4″ x 4 striped
  • 4 x 2 1/2″ leaves
  •  4 1/4 x 1 1/4″ goldrush flowers
  • 2 1/2″ square green
  • 2 1/4 x 2 1/4″ white daisy

The image is stamped in Nutmeg and embellished with white and bronze twine.


This card is designed after one I found on Pinterest created by Vickie O’Dell ( This card uses four 1 3/4″ squares of the green circle patterned paper, and four 1 1/2″ squares of the goldrush flowers. The sentiment is stamped in Goldrush and Fern.

I cut two Oak Leafs (#MD6F5EF) from the Flower Market Cricut Cartridge* – both at 3″ – one in New England Ivy, the other in Goldrush.


I wanted to add a little more dimension to the leaves, so I used a bone folder to create veins. I thought about using a marker, but honestly I was too chicken of messing them up (I know –  I could just cut more, but I was kind of short on time that day and wanted to wrap this up).  I finished up the embellishment with some bronze sequins and a little knot of white and bronze twine.

Since this is a charity stamp 100% of the proceeds (I don’t make any commission from this set) will go to the Red Cross. Also, during October, CTMH is running a special for Operation Smile (watch for more on that soon) and the Puny Pals stamp set.

– I’ve decided that if I sell 20 of the Stronger Together and/or Puny Pals stamp sets by 31 October, I will draw a name from customers purchasing the stamp sets for a paper pack of their choice from the Holiday Expressions idea book. You can contact me directly or order through my website.



*Just a note – all physical Cricut cartridges are being discontinued so are only available while supplies last.

Other products used can be found at