Simply Stated

Believe it or not – this card was inspired by a picture at the Pediatrician’s office!  I noticed a picture that had 3 flowers in a line – each a different color.  I was getting ready to create my Swan Lake cards & knew I wanted to use the flowers in the With You stamp set.  I love these fall colors!


This card came together quickly – using the Happy Birthday sentiment from the Hooked on You stamp set, some silver sequins & a bit of silver foil tape.  Although it has the flowers on it, I think it could still be used for a man’s birthday because of the colors and lack of ‘foofy-ness’.




Products used for this card.  You can find these at  Both the Swan Lake products and With You stamp set are in the Holiday Expressions idea book – so they are only available while supplies last or through 31 December 2016.


Pocket Scrapbooking Cards

Are you a pocket scrapbooker with left over pocket cards?  Have you purchased CTMH papers lately & don’t know what to do with the page of Picture My Life cards?


I’m not a pocket scrapbooker, but I have used some of the cards on my layouts for quick & easy journaling cards or embellishing. Today we’re going to look at a quick (REALLY quick) greeting card made with a left over PML card from the Swan Lake paper pack.  I love that the cards are printed in landscape on one side & portrait on the other – so you get more choices.  Plus – you get 2 sheets in each paper pack.


The pocket cards that come with CTMH papers are either 3×4 or 4×6. I use the 4×6 card & trim it down to 5 1/4.   Sometimes you can hack off that 3/4″ from the top or bottom, but usually you want to split it between the two to keep the main image centered.  This pocket card had the facing swans on the peacock background.

For this card, I distressed the card edge with Peacock ink, added a 1 x 4 1/4 strip of coordinating paper, with a zip strip layered on top.  *A zip strip is the 1/2 inch piece at the top of our patterned papers – 1 side identifies the paper pack & coordinating colors & the other side had a coordinating pattern.

For the sentiment I chose Congrats, but you could put about anything up there.  Add a few embellishments & you have a card!

Here’s another one from Swan Lake. This PML card had ‘hello’ in the center, but I needed a get well card.  Easy cover up!




Here are the things I used for these cards:

you can find these and more at

Happy Scraps

I have a confession….  I hate to waste things.  That’s not a bad thing – you say?  Well I sometimes get a little overboard with my scraps of paper – saving even the smallest sliver because – ‘I might use that later’.  Later doesn’t often come because I usually end up cutting that small piece I need without remembering to check my scraps.

Whether you save your scraps or not – here’s a great card to make using your scraps or cutting new pieces.


This card works great with any scraps – but is especially easy with a pack of coordinating papers.  Just cut 4 inch strips into widths between 3/4 and 1 1/2 inches.  Dovetail the strips, then layer across the card to get the look you want – trim off the tops (non-dovetailed end), add your sentiment and embellish as desired.

There you go – Happy Scraps, Happy You, Happy Card Recipient!




This card uses:

Swan Lake Paper Packet (X7212B)


Way to Go My Acrylix Stamp Set (D1700)


Poppy Thick Twine (Z3094), Mini Stapler (Z2027) and Poppy & Peacock Exclusive Ink Stamp Pads


Family -Little Things Mean the Most 

I’m enjoying the crisp fall mornings these days – not so much the shorter days.  This month’s Basic Scrapbook class layout is great for pictures of family – and uses the ‘With You’ stamp set.

The sample shows placement for 3 pictures (a 5×7 and two 3×4’s) – you could easily add more pictures using Flip Flaps or additional mattes.

I’ve often heard the phrase ‘little things mean a lot’ – but I love that this stamp set says ‘the little things mean the MOST’.  Why is this?  For me it comes back to family. A few years ago, my son was diagnosed with Aspergers – a high functioning level of Autism that affects him mainly with social impairment – he doesn’t play well with others.  Most people just think he’s rude and don’t understand there’s an underlying issue.
This has been a struggle for our whole family, not just him.

The little things that mean so much are –

When he apologizes for an explosion – that means he’s starting to get the connection between his actions and others’ feelings (and more importantly – care about that connection).

When he can verbally express that he’s getting frustrated – and better yet – walk away and avoid an explosion.

When he can accept a compliment without getting angry (I still haven’t figured this one out – if I’m giving you a compliment – why get upset?)

When his brother doesn’t intentionally try to get him spun up.

When mom or dad can calmly engage – correct, redirect, compliment, reward.

I know for lots of families, these things are just second nature – but for us they’re little things that really do mean the most.  Because these little things are putting my son on the path to being able to function appropriately in society.  They also mean that our family is making little improvements – to be more understanding, to be better, to help each other.  These little things for you – mean the most for us.

Originally, I thought about having family pictures on this layout, maybe instead I’ll tell this story of how such little things do mean the most. 

Yuletide Joy – SOTM

It’s only October, but the stores are starting to fill with Christmas decorations (honestly that drives me nuts!).  But, here I am with a Christmas stamp set.  I had fun pairing this month’s Stamp of the Month with the Swan Lake paper which has more of a fall theme by using some of the patterned rather than themed papers.  I really love this Peacock color!


For this card I use some gold embossing powder (I really need to work on my embossing techniques – but that day I was running out of time and had to go with what I had.  Looks like I need to try a dryer sheet to keep away the excess powder.).  I did this as a half fold card – I cut a piece of White Daisy card stock to 4 1/4 X 8 1/4.  Then I scored this at 5 1/2″ so the inside & outside come together.


Usually I’ve seen these cards horizontally, but I wanted to put a square peg in a round hole, so I ended up putting it vertically.

One of the things I like about this stamp set is that each of the images has a smaller image within the swirls – holly leaves within the bell, a poinsettia in the star, candy in the stocking and stars in the present. You can also use the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge for two of the images.


As a Stamp of the Month – this set is only available in October.  You can purchase this D-sized set for $17.95 – or get it for just $5 with a $50 order.  Check out my CTMH page or give me a call!

Woodland Critters

Check out this cute stamp set so perfect for welcoming Fall or saying Thanks!d1657-woodland-critters


Here’s a cute card using the Swan Lake paper packet & a couple of stamping techniques.


The first technique is just some rock-n-roll on the middle leaf.  I started by stamping the leaf in Saffron (this paper uses Goldrush, but since I didn’t have that – Saffron was a great substitute).  Then I rolled the edge in Poppy to add a little red/orange to the edge.  This a small stamp, so rolling the entire edge almost got rid of the Saffron – so that’s why I only did one side.

I have no idea what to call the other technique – I used it to make the raccoon’s tail look more like fur.  After inking the image by tapping, twisting and tapping again – I rubbed just the tail in a vertical movement (in the same direction as the tail), then stamped the image.

Want to make this quick & easy card?  Check out the October card classes – or purchase the paper & stamp set ( – then send me an email & I’ll email the cutting directions for free.  The ribbon used here is Gold Shimmer ribbon which can be purchased separately or as part of the Swan Lake Workshop Your Way (G1112).