Giving My Kids More

Like many parents, I’ve wanted to give my kids ‘more than I had’ – to the point where I sometimes worry that I’m giving them too much or things are too easy for them. I also struggled with this when I quit my job in January. Our family’s discretionary income certainly dropped without my civil service job.  But – I felt having more time with them, and not feeling the stress of getting everything done when I was home was more important than ‘the stuff’.

On a recent backpacking trip, I came to realize how much more I was actually giving my kids.  I definitely felt better about these experiences than any of the material things I could ever give them.


  1. Lake Swimming – We live solidly ‘in town’ – there are no lakes, ponds or creeks for them to play in, so this is not a regular occurrence. I grew up with a creek (we pronounce it ‘crick’). We would damn it up, look for crayfish or just tromp through it. So when we went to the Uinta Mountains,the boys got to play in a cold clear mountain lake  – with a log. No goggles, no diving toys, no diving boards – just nature.IMG_3508
  2. Starry, Starry Nights! I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. It was normal to see the stars. We don’t always get to see the stars where we live because of all the light pollution plus the fact that it stays light for so long in the summer! When we head to the mountains – there are lots of stars to see – if we can stay awake long enough (that’s the great thing about backpacking – it definitely wears these to boys out!) – yea, I know – this picture doesn’t actually have stars – but the moon was pretty!IMG_3515
  3. GOATS! Growing up I saw lots of white tail deer, red tail hawks and even an occasional bear. But the first time I saw a mountain goat, I was in my 30’s or maybe even 40’s. But, my boys had the privilege of seeing this beautiful mom & her baby. They came right by our camp (we were really surprised that they came so close!). Then they even heard the mama & baby calling for each other – it was an odd squeaking, almost crying noise.

So – I still want to give my kids more than I had. But, at least now I don’t feel guilty about giving them too many material things. I love being able to show them the beauty that God has surrounded us with in nature!




Truly Blessed…

Is there something wrong with me?!  I traded a desk job for shoveling snow – and I love it!

No – I don’t shovel snow all the time – but it’s part of the reason I quit my auditing job.  I wanted to have more time to take care of my family.  And since my husband is willing to go to work to support our family – I don’t have a problem pushing some snow around (it’s WAY better than pushing paper!)

It’s been just over 2 weeks since I quit my job.  I can’t believe the peace that I have felt since that very first weekend.  A lot of it comes from being able to get housework, grocery shopping and other errands done while my boys are at school – leaving evenings and weekends for more fun things.

Another reason I think I have more peace is that my days are filled with productivity – creating layouts & cards, getting my house back together, blogging, cooking….. things I enjoy – some creative, some physical, some mental – I really love it all.

The main reason I think I have found peace is because I truly believe I am following God’s plan for me.  I spent a lot of time in prayer and questioning whether I was making the right choice.  I received answers in multiple ways – and everything was telling me that I needed to leave the job I hated – spend more time taking care of my family – and pursue things that bring me joy.

I know that this is a blessing and not something to be taken for granted.  I’m very thankful that I am able to take more time with my family and do things I love.  I am truly blessed!

Enjoy your life – it’s too short to be unhappy!